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ALL profits to go to the families of the Celestial Hundred/небесна сотня 

One evening at about 11.15pm in February 2014 we were watching live coverage of the Maidan anti-government protests via the internet channel That day, Channel 5, the last remaining terrestrial opposition station had been closed. A special operation to “clear” the Maidan by the Berkut and other government forces was imminent. 

Over the next few days such was the horror of the violence, in a nation which had not witnessed mass killings of innocent citizens since the Second World War, that we felt compelled to do something. We realised that with the only weapons we had; the internet, our own time and spirit we could actually help. was born.

Importantly ALL the profits we make from the sale of these t-shirts will go to the families of the Celestial Hundred, those heroes who were killed in the streets of Kyiv during the Maidan revolution. We know only too well that since then more have died but their name is eternal…the Celestial Hundred.

We ourselves are not making any money from this, we simply want to support Ukraine and are proud to be able to help in this albeit small way. It goes without saying that this is a family run enterprise with Olya and myself, Mihailo, processing the orders with a little help from our 2 children in putting the t-shirts in the envelopes.

So please buy a Support Ukraine t-shirt and wear it with pride in the knowledge that you are also helping Support Ukraine.

Glory to all those who fought for dignity and the right to a free country liberated from endemic corruption, omnipresent lies and crippling autocracy.

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